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James Niss

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Can pension trust funds be reached to satisfy a criminal judgment of restitution? How can prosecutors differentiate dubious but legal practices from those that cross the line? Changes in laws that govern financial and white-collar crime raise questions like these every day. Fortunately, Business Crimes Bulletin® is on the case!

Filled with the latest legal news and analysis of cases concerning foreign corruption, mail and wire fraud, money laundering, RICO, the Organizational Sentencing Guidelines, and much more, Business Crimes Bulletin® is written by recognized legal experts who know what's most important to your practice. Tax and securities fraud, environmental crimes and antitrust violations, forfeiture proceedings and Bank Secrecy Act violations are all covered here, making Business Crimes Bulletin® the best source of information and practical guidance for you the business crimes specialist.

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  • James Niss
James Niss is the Editor-in-Chief of Business Crimes Bulletin