“Priceless.... Instantly useful.”  —William S. Sessions, former U.S. District Court Chief Judge, partner Holland & Knight, LLP

“[A] powerful book. A product of real scholarship and insight. If you take trial advocacy seriously, you need it.”   —Professor James W. McElhaney, well-known author,
speaker and professor of trial advocacy

How will the jury or the arbitration panel make its decision in your next case? Courtroom Psychology and Trial Advocacy helps trial attorneys and corporate counsel understand the powerful forces that shape the perceptions of judges, jurors and arbitrators. This exceptional book contains a comprehensive explanation of how to use scientific knowledge to assess the psychological strengths and weaknesses of a case. It will assist you in developing your most compelling and persuasive presentation in the courtroom.

Courtroom Psychology and Trial Advocacy explains the psychology of courtroom communications and juror views of issues that arise in many different contexts. It teaches you how to design and make use of different types of focus groups and other scientific research tools to conduct jury research in your own cases. The book contains hundreds of practical suggestions for use in jury selection, opening statement, fact witness and expert witness testimony, demonstrative aids, closing argument, bench trials and arbitration and mediation advocacy. It also provides helpful guidance on working with trial consultants.

Book #ALM10; hardcover, one volume, 625 pages; published in 2003. ISBN: 978-0-9705970-9-0